What is it all about?

Older or young people, refugees or low-income people, who live in rural areas often have no cars, and public transport is very rare in many places.

Errands and participation in social life are difficult.

That´s the MobilitäterInnen´s approach.

Many villagers daily drive in their cars - alone. It takes little time and no money to take on those routes with someone else. You get to know your neighbors and take care of the environment.


An old tradition – newly invented

To take neighbors with you or give a ride to someone was a firm tradition in rural regions in former times. A small help that was offered naturally.
Through the MobilitäterInnen the car is discovered as a place of encounter again.
And where encounters occur, integration takes place.
The MobilitäterInnen are a growing network of volunteers in Tyrol.

Who are the MobilitäterInnen?

The MobilitäterInnen is a network that originates in the villages of Tyrol and spreads from there. Anyone can participate regardless of religion, gender, status or origin. Everyone can be a MobilitäterIn.

Many villagers daily travel with their cars: to go shopping, to go to work, to visit friends, to do sports. It takes little time and no money to take passengers on those routes.

Older people, refugees and low-income people who live in rural areas often do not have cars and are therefore very restricted in their mobility. Necessary errands, interpersonal contact and cultural exchange are nearly impossible.

Many people would like to help but do not know exactly how to do it. With this project, it is easy to open your car door and take someone along.

The gesture of opening one’s car, and to take on a passenger is an act of living hospitality and charity.

Through the MobilitäterInnen network both sides win:

  • Creating concrete change together
  • Opening to "strangers"
  • Making new acquaintances and friendships
  • Discovering similarities and potential
  • Mobilizing refugees, pensioners, and fellow citizens who do not have a car or a driver’s license.
  • Reducing isolation
  • Meeting and exchanging with other cultures
  • Protecting the environment and optimizing resources through car pools
  • Being a positive example for other villages
  • Actively helping and not just talking

Participation is easy, it just takes a bit of courage.

How to find the MobilitäterInnen?

The network of the MobilitäterInnen is a citizens’ initiative, which arose from the need to make changes on a small scale, where one lives.

It is a long-term project, which will gradually grow in Tyrol.

It will start in spring 2017 in two villages:

Link zu den Aktionstagen in Oberperfuss Aktionstage in Oberperfuss (30.3.2017)

Link zum Aktionstag in Reith bei Seefeld Aktionstag in Reith bei Seefeld (31.3.2017)


Carpooling was a solid tradition in the remote parts of the country in the time when many had no car. It fulfilled a need and was taken for granted.

How to recognize the MobilitäterInnen?

"Mitfahrbänke" ("hitch-a-ride-benches")

The core of the MobilitäterInnen operations are “Mitfahrbänke”, which are located in partner communities and in the center of Innsbruck.

Anyone who needs to go to the city and back can use the “Mitfahrbänke”.

By sitting here, you are showing that you need to hitch a ride! All “Mitfahrbänke” are easily and safely accessible for cars, and easily recognizable by the orange color.

Car drivers do not need any additional insurance for private in their cars, a normal liability insurance is sufficient, no matter where the passenger is from. (According to ÖAMTC 2017)
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The various encounters between drivers and passengers at the “Mitfahrbänke” are the pulse that animates the network of the MobilitäterInnen.

“Mitfahrbänke” are already in use in many remote communities in Austria and Germany. This service is offered to all people without cars - whether they are students, pensioners or new village residents.

Where can I find the "Mitfahrbänke" ("hitch-a-ride-benches")?

The locations of the "Mitfahrbänke" in Oberperfuss and Reith bei Seefeld are strategically important traffic points in the village.

The "Mitfahrbank" in Innsbruck is at the Olympiastrasse.


"Mitfahrbänke" in Oberperfuss

"Mitfahrbänke" in Reith bei Seefeld

"Mitfahrbänke" in Innsbruck

Mobile Carstops

Some passengers also carry identifying features like orange umbrellas or orange tote bags. Drivers can then also recognize potential passengers along the routes.

The umbrellas and bags reflect in the twilight and thus increase the visibility and safety of passers-by, the umbrella also protects against wind and weather and the bag serves as a reusable shopping bag!

Stickers, Information Booklet, Social Media

Participating drivers can make their cars recognizable with MobilitäterInnen stickers. You can get stickers at MobilitäterInnen network events, from passengers and in refugee camps. We also send larger quantities by post.

Link zum Bestellformular Link to order form


Infoblatt Here you can download the information booklet (pdf, 670 KB).


Please share! Older people may not use the internet and newcomers to Austria may have no network or contacts. Help to remedy that. Share the page with your friends and other villagers. You can also find us on Facebook.

To publicize the network and explain how easy it is, there are short videos, an information booklet and this website in several languages.

All interested parties are invited to support the project by carrying the bags, spreading stickers and handing out information booklets.

Who started the network?

The Mobilitäterinnen is an initiative of Tyrolean people who want to make changes in their community.
Under the direction of the artist Carmen Brucic, cultural workers and community-minded Tyroleans are using entertainment and humor to spread the word about the Mobilitäterinnen and motivate others.

This is a pilot project serving as a model for other villages and communities through experiences and results. The future prospect of this project is to become a self-organizing, networking social cultural platform.

The MobilitäterInnen is the winning project of Link to Art in public space “Art in public space” 2016 and is sponsored by the Link to province of Tyrol province of Tyrol.

Founding team

Carmen Brucic / Artistic direction
Joana Frühmorgen / Dramaturgy and text
Markus Weberberger / Website
Katharina Cibulka / Film
Tobias Frühmorgen: Editing
Christoph Pirker / Illustrations
Günther Hofer / Graphic
Laura Marberger / Little helper

We would like to thank the countless voluntary helpers and supporters in the villages, refugees homes and friends circles of the refugees hostels! Especially Christoph Nussbaumer, Martina Lechner, Ingrid Jenewein and Vera Jäger.

Also our friends and volunteers for their time, their attention and their thrust in setting up the network!

Project support from 2018: Klimabündnis Tirol








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