Action days in Oberperfuss
3. March 2017

Salon Senf

On Austrian National Day, Wednesday, October 26, 2016 from 11:00 am in the Salon Senf in Schwaz – a young temporary event center as part of the „Schwazer Kulturmeile 2016“, Wopfnerstrasse 6, Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria.

The MobiliTäter team sets up an open laboratory situation for this day, an experience space for unconditional hospitality. Visitors are invited to move together through public and private spaces, and to become MobiliTäter. The aim is to find out more about hospitality.

MobiliTäter is an invented word that combines mobility and taking action. A MobiliTäter is a mobility-activist.

Nowadays the car is our second living room. A sacred zone of privacy.

What happens when these shells of our identity that tell so much about us, are opened to a stranger? Could
the opening of a cardoor be transformed into a gesture of genuine hospitality?

Order of Program

Check-in starts at 11am. There are formed 12 carpools. The cars will be available. Two strangers hit the road and will complete a 15-20 minute drive. Subsequently, the two are interviewed about their experiences at an open table in the Salon Senf in a moderated talk.

If you are ready to embark on this adventure, please meet us from 11am to 1pm in the Salon Senf at the check-in.

Please bring your driver’s license if you would like to get involved as driver.

The open table in the salon starts at 11:30am and closes around 4pm. Visitors can participate spontaneously at any time, just listen, or move freely through the laboratory. There will be food and drinks.

The event will close with a concert by Laura Marberger. Open end.

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  1. red_car says:

    Dear friends, the start of the MobiliTäter has been successful! We are still very happy, this day was full of beautiful and warm moments. Thank you for so much good input! Many thanks to the Salon Senf Team! Many thanks to the MobiliTäter Team! Special thanks go to – all refugees, who were willing to take part in this initative! – Our friends and supporters, who bake bread, cook soups, translate, Faisal, Mathilde, Toni, Mohammad – Our Photographer Sebastian Wallner for a beautiful documentary – the management of involved refugee housings, Martina Lechner and Christoph Nussbaumer – The company, who provided the car, Fiat Oberhofer – all others, who in one way or another support our work!
    (Carmen, MobilitäterInnen)