11. March 2017

What is it all about?

Older or young people, refugees or low-income people who live in rural areas often have no cars, and public transport is very rare in many places.
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11. March 2017

Participation is easy – a practical instruction

Just open your car door and take someone with you a piece of your own way. Or you can be carried as a passenger. It is quite simple and only needs a little courage.
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11. March 2017

An old tradition – newly invented

To take neighbors with you or give a ride to someone was a firm tradition in rural regions in former times. A small help that was offered naturally.
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Where encounters occur, integration takes place.

30. April 2017


30. April 2017


17. April 2017


Here we collect and publish your feedback, which you have sent us (resp. can send us) eg via contact form. If you were a driver or co-driver, you can tell us about our experience and answer a few of our questions by clicking here. Feedback is published only in its original language. Ohne Namen, 28.04.2017 Es schneit in Reith b. S. und hat Minusgrade – wie seit Tagen bzw. gefühlten Wochen. Ich fahre von Reith […]
1. March 2017


18. February 2017

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15. January 2017

Mobile Carstops

23. December 2016

Frequently asked questions and answers

Translation to english is in progress …   Thema Versicherung Quelle: ÖAMTC   Wer haftet im Falle eines Unfalls für die Beifahrer wenn diese verletzt sind? Grundsätzlich haftet der Verursacher des Unfalls bzw. dessen Haftpflichtversicherung.   Wie kommen die Beifahrer zu ihrem Schadensersatz wenn der Fahrer den Unfall verursacht hat? Auch bei einem selbst verschuldeten Unfall ersetzt die KFZ-Haftpflichtversicherung des verwendeten Fahrzeuges allen Insassen – mit Ausnahme des Lenkers – Personenschäden sowie Sachschäden von Gegenständen, […]
18. October 2016


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